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Trade Show

trade_show_cratingTrade Shows take place all year long at various locations across the country, and often time companies require shipping of their major show items to these locations. That is where we come in! Our high quality crates are capable of transporting even the most sensitive and expensive items. Custom crate projects are part of our daily reality at Crate Manufacturer and no matter how large or small an item is we can ship it. We take into consideration all of your needs and create a completely customized crate manufacturing, packaging, and shipping experience.

Trade Shows often include antiques or even new innovative products with priceless price tags, so we take special care to make sure your items are received in one piece. We suggest that you price our custom die cut foam products and other shipping supplies to determine the safest possible method for transporting your items. Our expert shipping professionals can help you make the right decision for your products as well. So give us a call today and discover the most affordable shipping for your most important items!