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Mil Spec Packaging : Mil spec packaging solutions in Dallas

Dallas Mil Spec Packaging

Dallas Mil Spec Packaging. Why do some businesses settle for higher cost shipping solutions, even when there is a lower quality? We put together the pieces of your shipping needs and provide you with an experience that cannot be beaten. How can we offer better service at a better price than our competitors? The simple answer is dedication to our craft. We have the skills to crate and ship almost any item as well as the passion for finding the fastest, most effective, and lowest cost options for our clients. We also strive to use the highest quality material possible to aid us in our mission. Our mil spec packaging offers the best packaging supplies for your crating needs. We have every grade of packing supplies that you can imagine for your sensitive items. Never settle for anything less than mil-spec packing.

Our supplies include:

  • Wooden shipping containers
  • Custom crating services
  • Protective packaging and cushion foam
  • Barrier bags
  • Anti-static barrier bags
  • Bound fiber
  • Jiffy padded mailer bags
  • Shrink wrap film
  • Blocking and bracing

Our mil spec packaging allows us to provide you with the best packing materials possible and allows us to package nearly any objects you can think of. Why spend hours struggling to find answers to logistical problems when you could be spending time on your passion? Let us handle all your shipping needs so you can get back to what matters the most, your business. Got questions? contact Dallas Crating today at 214.233.6619