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Type of Crates

Here at Crate Manufacturer, we realize how important it is to carry several different types of crates for your shipping needs. We won’t force you to fit your items into the size that we decide. For this reason, we carry several different lines of crates available at your disposal anytime. From custom crating to military crates, we make sure your shipping needs are always met.

Custom crates

We design our crates with your needs in mind, always providing easy access and easy shipping for all of our crates. Our custom crates can be created with access doors for ventilation or for access to hard reach places. We can also create a custom A-frame crate perfect for shipping electronics such as large-screen televisions or other items that need to be shipped standing up. We have built custom crates and successfully shipped companies with almost every industry. Choose us today and let us show you how effective and efficient we can be.

Foam Crates

Foam crates are perfect for packaging delicate items and for securing them during shipment. We come prepared to ship almost any item imaginable. Shipping something sensitive? Worried you’re your shipping company doesn’t understand the value and fragility of your item? At Crate Manufacturer, we understand how important every single package is to our customers and handle it with the same care you would. Ask for foam crates by name if you have a sensitive shipment.

Wooden crates

All of our wooden crates are specifically designed from the finest hardwoods available. The quality of the material we use to package your item is just as important as the way we package it. This is why we focus on brilliant engineering over the bottom-line, so you can be sure that your items getting the highest quality care possible. From heat treated lumber to our crates designed for storage, our wooden crates are the highest quality you can find.