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Crates: Dallas Crates & Crating Solutions For Your Business.

Dallas CratesDallas Crates. As the industry has grown the material crates are made out of has also changed. From a market clearly dominated by wooden crates, the shipping and supply business has now grown to expand into both steel and hard plastic crates. However, here at Crate Manufacturer, we believe in keeping with the tradition of wooden crates and for this reason, we supply our customers with only the best wooden crates on the market today. We customize our wooden crates to fit every shape and size known to man, and our design team is always available for new custom sizes.


What type of crates is available?

  • Fine art crates
  • Tradeshow crates
  • Industrial crates
  • LCD television crates
  • Storage vaults
  • Insulated crates
  • Dry storage crates
  • Cool storing crates
  • Motorcycle crates
  • Built in the ramp crates

Our wooden crates are designed to handle any kind of wear and tear they may encounter on their travels. You can rest soundly knowing that our wooden crates are the highest quality available and that your items will remain secure inside our wooden containers. For more information, please contact Crates Manufacturer today.