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Shipping Supplies

What you package your item with is just as important as how you package it, and as a crate manufacturer we believe that the highest quality and grade shipping supplies should always be the top priority. That is why we provide you with shipping supplies that meet all of your needs. From shrinkwrap to corrugated boxes, our shipping supplies are available for any of our customers.

If your shipment requires heavier duty supplies don’t fret, we also supply freight size shipping supplies. From large crate containers to oversized wooden pallets, we have everything you need for a professional shipjob.

Our supplies include:

  • Antistatic bubble wrap
  • Vapor barrier bagging and waterproofing
  • Corrugated custom fit boxes
  • Inspection ready crates
  • Foam cushioning
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Styrofoam
  • Die cut foam

Check out our antistatic bubble wrap, stretch wrap, heat treated lumber crates, and vacuum packaging products and much more by visiting us today!